Classic style video games, modernized.

Stellar Warfare

Stellar Warfare is an RTS inspired by Homeworld, Command & Conquer and Supreme Commander. Build your base, gather resources, customize your ships and obliterate your foe!

Very positive rating on Steam. Praised by many for the clear ‘Homeworld vibes’ while still adding a lot of new content. Currently in Early Access and open to a suitable publisher.

Games currently under development by our teams:

Fractured Alliance

Command & Conquer style RTS. Our main goal is to recreate that Red Alert 2 atmosphere. Audio, visuals, unit design: It all has to fit!

At the same time we must make sure everything is up to 2024 standards. Updated graphics, features and optimizations will be key.

Seafloor Colonists

An underwater citybuilder. Feed your population, prevent fires, cure diseases, mine metals, grow your city, and fend off pirates!

Sunny Grove

A Spyro inspired 3D platform adventure. Play as Penny Panda: A red panda mother who has to retrieve her baby cubs!

Explore the forest, improve your panda using a skill tree, unlock mysteries and beware the wolves!

We aim to release Sunny Grove on Switch, Xbox, PC and Playstation.

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